Horsey summer images

62 photos
Horses running around in flowery fields, hot weather, flies too: it's summer again. At least the trees are green, the grass is growing, and the horses are out in the pasture. Hacking and swimming with horses are popular too!
Autumn colors

549 photos
Fallen leaves, heath in blossom, enjoying the last days outside before the winter: don't get depressed. If you like orange and brown, check these images out!

4773 photos
Hacking is a favourite pastime of many riders, and rightly so. It frees the mind of both rider and horse. Even dressage horses will benefit, and so do dressage riders.... See images of hacking all over the world, in all seasons, from all disciplines.
Free moving horses for a cover

694 photos
Free running horses, mostly without tack, in vertical images so they fit on your front cover. Foals, Warm bloods, Friesians, Shetland ponies: all kinds of horses are running around in fields, in the snow, on mountain slopes, in forests, where ever you want them!
Horse portraits for the cover

5257 photos
Portraits, close-up, heads of horses. Horses that confront you, look away from you, or gaze into the distance. Only vertical images, for a full page or a cover.
Interaction: contact between (wo)man and horse

1274 photos
Contact between horse and human is old, but never grows old. The entire equestrian world is based on this contact. View images of people and horses interacting, getting in touch with each other. Kids, adults, ponies, Shires and everything in between.
Free moving horses for a spread

2347 photos
Beautiful horizontal pictures of free moving horses, for a double page or a calendar. Often at a canter, but also trotting or walking, bucking, rearing. Young and old horses of all stud books and colors; something for everyone.
How horses behave

2071 photos
Everybody who gets to know horses better can recount wonderful tales of amazing horse behaviour. Some stories have been retold so many times that the details have become too good to be true, but we all know that horses can behave and react in great ways, bringing smiles and sometimes tears to our eyes. See this series of images about horse behaviour around the world.
Horse riding holidays

653 photos
Equestrian holidays all over the world: Australia, Belgium, South Africa, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and many other locations: check it out and dream away...
Horses in the winter

2534 photos
Snow, freezing weather, nobody wants to go out, and yet here they are: images of horses in winter time. Free running horses, but also riders withstanding the cold, even foals! Brrrr.
Spring is in the air!

387 photos
Images of spring and horses: flower colors, fresh bright green leaves, horses in the field after the winter.
Foals in all shapes and sizes

3528 photos
Foals playing around in the field, having fun with their friends and enjoying their first time out.
A foal is born

199 photos
A selection of the best images of horses giving birth and foals being born: warmbloods, thoroughbreds and Icelandic horses for example.